Vineyard Christian Academy Academics

At VCA, we strive to select quality, high-level curriculum that can be seamlessly taught in the classroom and supported at home. With our unique blend of school and home learning, the importance of the teacher-parent relationship is an imperative. Our goal in choosing curriculum is to provide parents and teachers tools that allow them to differentiate their instruction to meet each student’s needs, abilities, and gifts. Our curriculum board, consisting of faculty and parents, meets throughout the year to review and choose the best curriculum for our students. As an AdvancedED and Christian Schools International accredited school, VCA adheres to the Idaho State Standards of Education with the additional element of instruction from a Christ-centered worldview.


Pre-K 3’s (NEW!), Pre-K 4’s, & Kindergarten

Here at VCA we love to have fun! Phonics, math, and Bible are the main focuses for our curriculum. The rest of the day is spent exploring different concepts that will help our students gain the behavioral and social skills they need to move on to Kindergarten and 1st grade. PreK 3’s 4’s and Kindergarten utilize curriculum from Zoo Phonics. The PreK curriculum focuses on the Creation Story while teaching letters, sounds and numbers. In Kindergarten, the BJU Press curriculum provides a solid foundation for phonics, reading and handwriting. Earlybird Kindergarten Math Standards are utilized for math. Parents can expect to spend about 1-2 hours interacting with PreK 4’s and Kindergarten students on home learning days.

1st - 4th Grades

1st-4th Grades emphasize the building blocks for becoming proficient readers and writers by continuing with BJU Press for phonics, reading, spelling and handwriting. Literature books are introduced in second grade and Shurley English becomes part of the grammar and writing curriculum beginning in fourth grade. Singapore math is introduced in first grade and continues through fourth grade. Additionally, ACSI Science is used from first through fourth grade. The elementary history curriculum published by BJU Press, focuses on a Christian worldview from first through third grade. Idaho history is taught in fourth grade. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name is the Bible curriculum used in first grade. Walking with God and His People is the Bible curriculum in second and third grades, while fourth grade utilizes ACSI Bible level 4.

5th Grade

5th Grade continues to teach excellent English language skills with Shurley English, level 5, which incorporates grammar, writing and literary techniques. In conjunction with that, several outstanding literary works including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by: C.S. Lewis are read. The Abeka: History of Our United States is used to examine the birth and growth of our nation.  Singapore Math levels are determined by prior testing or the math level mastered in the previous year. The science curriculum is ACSI Purposeful Design. Parents can expect to spend about 3-4 hours interacting with fifth grade students on home days, in addition to some independent student time.