Offering parents and students the best of both worlds!

Vineyard Christian Academy is a University-Model school, where children go to class on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and do schooling at home Wednesdays and Fridays.

A unique approach to hybrid education in the Treasure Valley

Started in Boise in 1993, Vineyard Christian Academy meets a growing need in education, by partnering with parents who seek a specific educational experience unmatched in the Treasure Valley. VCA is certified by University Model School International and AdvancED accredited through Christian Schools International, which is internationally recognized as the highest level of accreditation for any school, public or private. Our teachers provide an excellent education at the Academy three days a week, with the opportunity for students to learn with their most important teachers – their parents – twice a week. We would love to meet you! Please call the office to schedule a tour at 208-562-4551.


 VCA blends parents and teachers into the educational dream team.


Vineyard Christian Academy is a UMSI (University-Model® Schools International) school. We provide an educational experience in which Academy teachers give AdvancED level instruction, blended with home-based, parent-supported learning. Students attend the Academy for a traditional classroom experience Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Specific, teacher generated objectives and assignments are provided for Wednesdays and Fridays, which are facilitated by parents at home. VCA teachers select the curriculum, develop the lesson plans for each day, evaluate student performance, and provide classroom activities to support positive social interaction. Reports reflecting grades for every assignment are available online, as well as formal report cards, which are provided quarterly. Our desire is to come alongside parents and support them in raising their children to become successful socially, academically and spiritually.

Qualities of VCA

  • Safe & loving environment

  • Quality teachers who pray

  • Support for parents and families

  • Great Monday chapel services

  • Fun peer interactions

  • On-line lesson plans (middle school)

  • Extra-curricular activities such as P.E.

  • Yearly curriculum & standards review

  • Accountability & structure

  • Small class size/greater individual attention

  • Christian values & worldview

  • Opportunities for ministry

  • AdvancED level instruction

  • PreK and Kindergarten after-school childcare


Our Story

In the 1980′s Tri and Nancy Robinson were home schooling their children in preparation for going to the mission field. They lived at the time in remote mountains an hour’s drive outside of Lancaster, CA. Home schooling was a newer trend in the 80’s and the developing curriculum was boring at best. Tri was an educator in the California public school system and a teacher at heart. Each day he would come home from his classroom and hear about the frustrations his children and wife had with the curriculum they were using. Tri and Nancy knew it could be so much better.

Using his education degree and years of classroom experience, Tri started the task of looking for a more creative curriculum for his family. Nancy loved the simplicity and user-friendly material he put together for her and started sharing her new success with others. As they worked through the lessons, their experiences began to trickle-down to other homeschooling families at their church. It wasn’t long before these families, and their homeschooling friends, started asking for copies of Tri’s work. He was glad to share, and being community-minded at heart, Tri invited the families to work together with him in developing and using curriculum for all ages and subjects.

This community of homeschoolers grew and Tri, knowing there was value in a positive and engaging classroom experience, initiated conversations with these homeschooling families about coming together each week. It was then that Vineyard Christian Family School was born. The idea was simple; parents would teach their children at home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then on Tuesday and Thursday, experienced teachers were hired to facilitate the classroom experience for the participating elementary aged children. It was a true co-op! The school became a community where classroom teachers worked cooperatively with home-school parents to provide a Christ-centered environment where life-long learners could be developed. The school flourished from its start! In 1989, Tri and Nancy’s family moved to Boise to obey the Lord’s calling, and founded Vineyard Boise. Only 3 short years later, what they had started in California came together again in their new city. Homeschooling families loved the idea of combining “the best of both worlds” for their children, and in the fall of 1993, VCFS opened its doors with just 10 children. From this beginning, VCFS became Vineyard Christian Homeschool Co-op and continued to grow. Parents were able to be the primary teachers of their children with the support of the lesson plans supplied by the VCHSC teachers while they benefitted from the added insights and experience of trained teachers.

As the years have passed, the needs of the families we serve have changed. Today, as Vineyard Christian Academy, our teachers instruct students at school three days a week and provide all lessons and pacing for the parents to guide their children in their schooling on Wednesdays and Fridays. This type of environment truly gives our students the Best of Both Worlds.

We are truly passionate about what we do! Call to make arrangements for a guided tour, or next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by at the office and we’ll show you around. We’d love to meet you.