Lauri Thompson

3rd Grade

This will be my first full year with VCA as the third grade teacher. I was VCA’s third grade teacher for the second half of last year. Although I came late to the profession of pedagogy, I have worked in the field of education for eight years as a teaching assistant, engaging with children and families from diverse cultures, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, all with unique learning needs and abilities. When my daughter was living at home, I often volunteered as a reading and math tutor at her school. I have also taught Sunday School and women’s Bible Study for many years.

Already holding a BS degree in business administration, I recently returned to college after God confirmed his desire for me to teach. In 2016, I received certification in elementary education with honors through Northwest Nazarene University’s professional educator program.
I came to faith in Christ during my freshman year in college. It was at that time that the Bible came alive to me, and I learned to apply its truth and transforming power to my life. I continually rely on the strength, guidance, provision and grace of God to live out the remarkable life he has planned for me. This is being accomplished through application of biblical truth to my circumstances, prayer, and connecting with fellow believers who are also on a faith journey. Vineyard Christian Fellowship has been our home church since 2004, so I have had the joy of watching VCA’s transformation over the years, praying for the students, faculty and administration. When my long-term sub position with one of the public school districts was nearing its completion last year, I “discovered” through a friend that VCA happened to be looking for a teacher to fill a position that had suddenly opened up. I connected with Principal Annie Anderson, committed the process to God, and by his grace was offered the position. My heart has always been for a strong home-to-school relationship, and VCA is an exceptional representation of this learning model.I am the single mother and advocate to an extraordinary daughter with significant special needs. She is my inspiration and motivation - the ultimate teacher of teachers.