Middle School

Middle School, for any student, is a time that offers opportunities for greater independence with some directed support from home and school. At Vineyard Christian Academy we provide these opportunities, in addition to higher personal and academic expectations, with the focus of preparing students for a successful high school experience. Bible classes in which we study and apply the Word of God to daily life, begins each school day at VCA. Each grade level has a Literature class where the students read and discuss literature as well as learn continued mastery of writing skills, including MLA formatting. History and Geography are presented to the student with the constant influence of a Christian world view. Science is also presented through a Christian lens with hands-on application including lab work and presentations. Mathematics is level specific using excellent curriculum to prepare each student for whatever educational endeavors they pursue in the future. Students are also offered various electives, including computer skills, drama and finance. Curriculum is chosen with AdvancedED accreditation and Idaho State Education Standards in view. Each subject is taught by teachers that are knowledgeable and experienced in that area of study.

Did we mention FUN?

Middle school students participate in a variety of interesting student life activities at VCA including: an election process to form a student council, partnering with Vineyard Boise Church in service projects, field trips to great locations such as Bogus Basin, lock-in nights that feature great games & food, learning & running the sound system for chapel, and playing instruments or singing with the chapel worship leaders. In addition, presentations for National History Day are a highlight students and families look forward to each year.


6th Grade

6th Grade is the transition grade from elementary school to middle school. We recognize that this is an exciting time for students to gain new skills in an environment that supports them while teaching them to become independent and take additional responsibility for their education.


Curriculum Used

History: Abeka Old World History and Geography. Participation in National History Day
Literature: Shurley English Level 6 text and workbook, novels including: The HobbitThe Witch of Blackbird
PondA Wrinkle in Time, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Math: Singapore Level 5 or 6, Prentice Hall PreAlgebra, or Prentice Hall Math 1 depending on need
Science: CSI 6th Grade Science Text
Bible: ACSI Level 6 Workbook


7th Grade

7th Grade is a year to strengthen and build upon the skills gained in the previous year. Exciting learning occurs as students develop higher level thinking and application skills. We challenge these students to become even more responsible for their educational pursuits and see their parents as a resource to broaden their learning.


Curriculum Used

History: Abeka New World History and Geography.  Participation in National History Day.
Literature: Shurley English Level 6 text and workbook as resources, OWL Purdue as a resource, novels including: The Call of the WildThe Hiding PlaceThe Giver, Anne of Green Gables.  Additionally, there is a unit of teacher-generated short stories, plays and poetry.
Math: Singapore Level 5 or 6, Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra, or Prentice Hall Math 1 depending on need
Science: Abeka – Life Science
Bible: Teacher Generated Material


8th Grade

8th Grade we prepare our students to launch into the next phase of their education. We help our students hone their research, writing and presentation skills, in addition to helping them identify ways to prepare for future academic goals. Students flourish in a positive environment that supports and challenges them to move beyond comprehension of knowledge to synthesizing and evaluation.


Curriculum Used

History: Abeka History of the World.  Participation in National History Day
Literature: Shurley English 6 text and workbook and OWL Purdue as resources, novels including: To Kill a MockingbirdMy Antonia, and Treasure Island.  A unit of poetry, short stories and plays generated by the instructor.
Math: Singapore Level 5 or 6, Prentice Hall PreAlgebra, or Prentice Hall Math 1 depending on need
Science: Abeka Earth and Space with teacher generated materials to incorporate physical Science standards
Bible: Teacher Generated Materials