See what people are saying about Vineyard Christian Academy

"We started at Vineyard Christian Academy when our oldest was a 1st grader, 6 years later we now have 4 students at the school ranging from PK-6th grade. Every year VCA has been able to help us navigate the individual needs of each of our children, both educationally and socially. I cherish the extra time I get with my kids at home, and I am thankful to be able to take an active role in their education. Our school environment has always been an encouragement and support to my children and myself, the relationships we’ve made here are a blessing to our whole family."


Kate Jones


"Vineyard Christian Academy has been such a blessing to our family! The staff and teachers care so much about each child. My daughters absolutely love their teachers and I am looking forward to my youngest starting kindergarten this year. I love the time I get to spend with my kids on home based learning days and the relationships that I have built with the teachers and other parents is priceless. VCA will always hold a special place in our lives!"

Rachel Bobst

Within the first week of second grade, my shy daughter had the confidence to stand up in front of the class and speak! Now she presents to the class on a regular basis. VCA provides a safe place for my daughter to rise above her own expectations! Such a blessing!

Wendy Peltzer


We chose VCA for our family because our children receive quality classroom instruction from teachers who actively engage them both academically and spiritually, while at the same time we’re also able to spend consistent, quality time with them on days at home throughout the week. Having a few school days at home each week enables us to reinforce concepts with practical, real-life application. The days at home have also made our family more closely knit, which is something we really value.

Angie Timmons

Vineyard Christian Academy gives us complete peace of mind about the quality of our children’s education. The academy provides an excellent curriculum in addition to outstanding teachers. Splitting time between a classroom environment and home schooling has been great for our family. The children love their time with friends in class and, as parents, we spend invaluable time participating in our children’s education.

Kari Compton Rishel


Our kids have attended this school for the past three years. It has been an absolute answer to prayer. At their previous school, our daughter was at a lower math level and crying many evenings because of what kids had said or done. The first day of school at VCA she was welcomed and got hugs from the other girls. She now tests at a 98 percentile in Math. Our son has gone from reading every other paragraph of short books to reading entire 4th grade level books in just his 2nd grade year. We are parents that like to be involved and engaged with our children on a daily basis. Prior to them attending VCA we did not have the time on school days to spend quality time with them between trying to figure out common core homework and getting home later in the day, every day. We knew we needed a change for our family. What a blessing it is to now be able to have the healthy balance of quality family time and a positive school experience. Being able to go along side of our children and assisting the teachers on home days to reinforce a concept has been fun and allows us to know our kids. To sum it up, there is a huge difference in our kids’ academic level and overall attitudes.

Jake & Cindy Sherfick

Vineyard Christian Academy has been an answer to prayer. As we are new to the area we wanted our kids to make good Christian friends but we still wanted to be a major part of the education. With Vineyard this is possible! Our kids have made great friends, they love their teachers and the staff! We love that we have at home but they still get the experience of going to school and learning to work together with kids their own age. Vineyard Christian Academy has truly blessed our family!

Lindsey Wiersma